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Who We Are

Front Office and Program Staff

Our staff has a strong commitment to serving the many constituents of our organization. But first and foremost, they focus their energies on those who take advantage of our programs and services.

Class Instructors

Instructor Class Instructor Class
Alvin LeBlanc HSE Dillon Scalzo Future Level 1, 2
Robert Johnson Small Business & Future Level 3, ½ 4, 5 Carrie Stokes HSE
Sandy McHone Pronunciation Victor Morales Citizenship & Conversation
Angie Martinez Laubach 1 Sara Howell Future 3
Sally Guajardo Citizenship Beverly Rubio Future 2

Front Office and Program Staff

Nora Figueroa Data Entry/Testing Facilitator
Olivia Aguilar Administrative Assistant/Testing Facilitator
Erika Pena Administrative Assistant/Testing Facilitator
Lindsay Kelley VISTA Community Engagement Volunteer
Carilla Bonner VISTA Transition Coach

Our Impact This Year

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