Mission Transform lives through education

Our vision is to achieve 100% literacy through 100% community engagement.

  • Honor your friends, family or colleagues with the Gift of Literacy this holiday season. The Adult Reading Center serves over 750 adult learners each year. All of the funds raised by the Center are used to provide FREE services to adults learning to read, write and speak English, working toward their GED, or becoming U.S. citizens; transforming adult literacy learners into self-sufficient wage earners and parents who are actively involved in their children's education.

What's new

  • No matter what holidays you choose to celebrate this time of year, one thing is undeniable: it's the best time of the year to spread some cheer.

  • When we practice mindfulness, we train our brain to refocus on current surroundings, leaving us in a more peaceful and relaxed state. If you want to practice mindfulness, check out these easy steps.